Friday, October 29, 2010

Bloggers Quilt Festival

It's that time again. I so love to look at all the quilts people have made and get inspired. I've not done a whole lot of Quilting this year. I've just had alot to get threw in my personal life, but the ones I've made have put a smile on my face. I've started to get back and love it. I just love how making a new quilt warms your insides. I also have not blogged in sometime so I hope I don't ramble on. For this round I've posted a quilt that I love that makes me think of spring. I call it Ric Rac Flowers the pattern name is Liliana by Crazy Old Ladies Quilts. I've never used Ric Rac in a Quilt and just fell in love with the Flowers and the large size Ric Rac. I also put this in our Guild quilt show this year and I'm happy to say I got first place in the small bed quilt category. I hope you enjoy it. I also want to thank Amy for always doing such a great job putting this all together. Also a thank you to all the quilters that let us in to look at the work they have done. So snaps to everyone.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Charming Girls' July/August

Well I'm jumping in and going to set a few goals for July/August here goes nothing:

1. I've been walking and have lost a few pounds, so I think a few more would be great. I've also set a goal to do my first 5K over Labor Day weekend. I've never done this and thought this would be a good start. My husband is a runner and is setting me up with a good workout. I just wish it wasn't so darn hot.

2. I need to get back to my machine and just get one project done. I've had such a bad sewing summer. Our guild has a quilt show at the end of September and at this time of the year I'm usually not this calm. I also have a few more quilts done than what I have. So for the rest of this month and next I want to get two quilts that are done quilted, bond and a quilt label put on them.

3. Go away for a weekend with the hubby. I think this will be much needed since he's a welder and has been putting in overtime. Side note today's heat index is 103. He will need some time off and a quilt shop on the way won't be bad at all. I think he likes to go to them. At least they'll have air conditioning.

Well I think these sound good. It will be a start. So until next time

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Spring 2010

I sure had hoped to get this up a little sooner. It's just the story of my life at the moment. So here it is:

This is called In Santa's Workshop. I just loved making it. This was the first time that I did shading and coloring on a quilt. I took a class to get some of the basics down. All the faces on the elves were done with the same fabric. I just used different colors for them. I used fabrico markers and crayons. Some of the elves had more work to them than others. If you look close up at the boots those also have shading done to them.

On this one below the wood and the sawhorse are one piece of fabric, but with some coloring it looks like different pieces. I loved how this came out.

My husband calls this the Target elf.

On this one the stool was shaded and the fabric he's holding is all one piece of fabric. The shading and coloring really make a difference.

I'm by far not an artist, but for my first time I don't think it turned out to bad. Hope every enjoys. Have a great Blogger's Quilt Festival. Don't forget to check all the other beautiful quilts over at Park City Girl. Amy does such a great job. TaTa for now.

Friday, May 14, 2010

A new found focus.... & Stash Report

I'm sure that I'm not the only one the has lost focus. The only thing is that it's not just quilting. These last few months I've found that I'm just not feeling anything. I truly believe that this is all from what happened to me last August. All is well today, I went threw something that has and will change my out look on life now and forever. I've done the self reflecting and have found my way back. While on the journey of self discovery. I fell of the wagon and bought some fabric. It always gives makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. My last count for my two and a half months of soul searching brought in a whopping 116.5 yards of fabric. This would include but not limited to fabric buy the yard, jelly rolls, fat quarter bundles, charm packs, layer cakes, & backing fabrics. I also bought a few kits at Quilt Festival in Chicago, last year for that and it was so close to my house, so bye bye Chi Town hello Cincinnati. Back to the focus, see how I stray it's so hard to stay focused. I need to stay on track because our guilds quilt show is in September and I always try to make a quilt that I could win a ribbon with. I've been able to win a ribbon at the last 4 quilt shows for our guild. I have 4 quilts done, but none of them say "I would look good with a ribbon pinned to me". So it's time to get focus on the quilt show. For the next few months I'm going to try to keep everyone up to date on the progress. I'm making my list and things are going to start rolling. I sure hope it won't be my head, because of all the things going on in there. So tonight's the night for it to start lists will be made, stacks will be sorted and the machine will be cleaned and ready to go. Sorry this has gotten so long.

So as far as the stash report goes I'm in the red by 70.5 yards. I think it's time to get that number back to the black, so off I go. Tata for now

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ugly Quilt Contest

Natalia Bonner at piecenquilt has announced that she is having an Ugly Quilt contest. If you get a chance go over and put a picture of yours up. What a great chance to win a prize.

Well here it is:

I think it wouldn't be bad if it was made with different fabrics. The pattern is called Bamboo & Pinwheels and you can make two quilts with the fabric. Which is always a great thing to use up every bit of fabric. I however tossed the left overs in a box that may or may not see the light of day. Maybe one day down the road I will pull it out and make the other half. This was a kit that I bought at Houston's Quilt Festival. There is a funny story behind the madness. My friend and I had just got to the show after catching a plane from Chicago at the butt crack of dawn. I'm by far not an early riser, but when I want to go some where I will get up. My friend is worse than me as far as getting up early. We walked it the doors at 10:51 AM, that should give you some clue of how early we were up. This time also includes the shuttle to the convention center and checking our bags up stairs at the show. If you ever want to check a bag at this show go upstairs to do that, other wise your taking a chance of getting a package lost in the ones on the show floor. Back to the ugly quilt. We went to our first booth and found a sale on 3000 yard spools of thread. For $6.00 bucks how can you pass up that and variegated ones too. We each bought a few maybe like 10. After that we both looked at each other and wondered what we had that would go with these threads we had just bought. Just then we both looked up and saw this quilt and instantly we picked the kits up and bought them.

Well we went on our merry way the rest of the weekend. When I got home unpacked the bags and placed all my new purchase in the quilt room. I few months went by and I got the kit out and started to put it together(I'm sure I'm not the only one that buys things and doesn't get back to them for sometime). I called my friend and asked what the H@#! were we thinking when we bought this kit. I was told to look at the threads we bought, it all came back to me. After that we both promised each other that we will try to stay away from buying things when we are sleep deprived or had a few drinks to many the night before. Sorry to go on so long, I guess you had to be there. So her it is in all it's glory, enjoy. Tata for know

Friday, April 9, 2010

Please Vote

Over at Quilting Gallery they have a theme of the week and this weeks theme is Circles. I've entered my Endless Circle quilt that I made for a co worker. It would be great to win the bundle of fat quarters for the prize this week. If you click on the link below it will bring you to the page to vote. Thank you to everyone that can vote. You get one vote per IP address. I've also put a picture of the quilt. Thanks

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stash Report Week # 13

Wow, time sure does fly. Next week will be April this year is just movin along. I'm working on a few thing however nothing finished. I've not bought anything, because I'm saving up for the Chicago Quilt Festival in April. I'm seeing alot of great projects that everyone is working on and it make me want to start more. I would love to do another quilt along to use up some of my stash. Does anyone know of any out there? I did quilt a few quilts for some of our guilds groups. One for the for out ABC group and another for Habitat for Humanity, but nothing for me. So no numbers to change here. Until next time

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stash Report #11

This week I finished quilting my Liliana Quilt. I really like how the quilting turned out. I worked on a few block of the months. I thing I'm addicted to block of the months. I'm doing the pinwheel sampler & the jelly roll sampler online. I think I have a few others as well. I also went to a quilt show yesterday. This has been a busy week. Not so glad to lose an hour, but glad it will be staying lighter outside longer. Until next week.
Fabric bought this Week: 0
Fabric used this Week: 4.5
Fabric used this Year: 67.375
Fabric bought this Year: 21.375
Total fabric used this Year: 46

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Stash Report #10

Not to much going on this week. I did get a few thing done however nothing finished. So nothing in either. This was a slow week. Maybe next week I'll get something done. Until next week.

Fabric used: 0
Fabric Bought: 0
Fabric Used this Year: 62.875
Fabric Bought this Year: 21.375
Total Fabric Used: 41.5

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stash Report Week # 9

This week I finished my Lilianna quilt made with the Verna fabrics. I 've got to still put some Ric Rac on the quilt, but that will get put on after I quilt the quilt. I also give my Gone With the Wind Quilt to my friend so she can use it for a store sample. So this was a productive week of quilting. I also join in the for of the Spring Sewing Party over at Charming Chatter. That was fun, even though I didn't get as much done as I wanted. I did manage to do some cleaning in my sewing room, which needed it. So until next time.

Fabric Used: 4.5 Yards
Fabric Bought: 0
Fabric Used this Year: 62.875
Fabric Bought this Year: 21.375
Total Fabric Used: 41.5

Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring Sewing Party

UPDATE: 10:30 PM

Well this was the progress this afternoon. I got some of the pieces for my Fairy Dust Quilt done. I got a little flustered with the paper piecing and decided to clean the sewing room. I'm glad I got going early this morning and got a few other things done sewing wise. I'm also glad that I did a little cleaning as well everything looks so nice and clean. I also received a call from my mom and she asked us over for dinner. How could I say no to dinner with my mom & dad. Until next time.

Well as of 1:00 PM I've managed to finish the "Verna" Quilt I was making. I finished the borders and but the applique on. After it's quilted I have some Ric Rac to put in the white of the border. The pattern is Liliana by Crazy Old Ladies.
I've also finished the First block for the Pinwheel Sampler over at P.S. I Quilt.

Up next is to make Block three of my Fairy Dust Quilt. I've also got a few half Square triangles to make. Back to the machine.

Well I'm trying something new. I've decided to join in on the "Spring Sewing Party" hosted by Kelly and Joan at Charming Chatter. I'm hoping to work on a few of my Fairy Dust Blocks that I've have for a few years. I also would like to finish my quilt made with "Verna" fabrics. I've got things lined up and ready to go. I'm excited about doing this. So until tomorrow.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gone with the Wind & Stash Report

Well it's done the Gone with the Wind quilt. I finished the borders and took a quick picture. I've got it on the quilting machine. In hopes of finishing it up this week. My friend wants to use the quilt as a sample for a quilt show she's vending at in the next few weeks. So this needs to get done soon. Besides that nothing else done this week, a few blocks made for a block of the month I'm doing. Until next time.

Fabric used this week: 15 Yards
Fabric bought: 0
Total fabric bought: 21.375
Total fabric used: 36.5

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Stash Report Week # 6 & 7

Sorry but I wasn't around to do the stash report last week. So this week will cover both weeks. Well first the good news or should I start out with the bad. I think the bad will go first and end on the good. This week I bought 15 yards of fabric. I have been waiting for the "Gone With the Wind" fabric to come in and sure enough it did. I bought enough to make a quilt and the backing when the shop that I go to has buy 2 yards get the 3 yard free. I had to buy something. I know that everyone else would have done the same thing. With that said 15 yards came home with me. I got the backing fabric for free. Free fabric is a girls dream. So below is the fabric for the backing I just love it.

I've already got some of the the other fabric cut out and I'm piecing it together. I should have the quilt done this week.

Now for the good news I managed to finish a few tops the last few weeks. I was so glad to get more things done. So here are a few pictures. The first one is my logged on quilt I had this done a few weeks back but didn't take a picture.

Same for my Fire Escape quilt that I finished in the last quiltathon.

Next up is Savanna By Bonnie Blue Quilts. This was made with the Harper's Fairy Fabrics.

These next two pictures are from a class I took last year at the Quilt Festival in Chicago. I finally put the borders on. I really like these blocks alot and thing I have to make another quilt.

Next up is "Freeze Frame". I call it Flipped Out because of the flip flop fabric I used. I just love how it turned out. Thanks Judy. Yes all this came from my stash.

Last one is a block of the month that I made for our guild. I have the ladies doing these each month. I just picked some fabrics from my stash and started to sew a few blocks together. I need to give them the yardage so I come up with the center block and built around it. I've always wanted to do a medallion style quilt. I've not showed them the finish quilt, it's still a mystery to them.

With all that I'm finally finished. This was a long post, sorry about that. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Until next time.
Fabric used this week: 26 Yards
Fabric bought this week: 15 yards
Fabric added this year: 21.375
Fabric busted total: 21.5

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stash Report Week # 5

Not to much to report this week. Nothing in nothing out. A few projects in the works, but nothing finished. I have however found a new love. That would be "Verna" by Kate Spain. I love this fabric. I have a feeling this will send me over the edge. I will have to buy some yardage. I also found that Fat Quarter Shop has the yardage and a new designer Block of the Month with Kate Spains 12 Days of Christmas fabric. I couldn't help my self and have already signed up. That won't start until June. In the mean time I need to finish up a few things so that I will have something for our guilds quilt show in September. Until next week.

Fabric used this week: 10.675 yards
Fabric Added this week: 2 yards
Fabric Added this year: 6.375 yards
Fabric used this year: 23.25 yards
Fabric Busted Total: 16.875 yards

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stash Report Week # 4

Wow, what a week. I got lots done. I finished the top of my class project from last week that's 3 yards out. I can add that in because I didn't get it done until after my week two stash report. I was also able to piece the left over fabrics together to get the backing 2 yards. So that's a plus. I managed to finished the top of my fire escape so that's more out of the stash 5.675 yards. I cut a few more things up. I was also working on the rest of the center medallion for my Mystic Forest quilt and found that I was short fabric. So I'm stalled on that until they send me a 10x10 square piece. I did forget that I didn't add that to my totals so that's 2 yards in. I also quilted a couple of small quilts for a new quilter, that just needed a little help. I have a short arm that I quilt my projects on, but I don't normaly do anyone else's. I felt bad and helped her, but that's another story. I'm not sure if it was just me or if anyone else would have done it so three of those quilted. I think that puts a wrap to this weeks item. Until next time

Fabric used this week: 10.675 yards
Fabric Added this week: 2 yards
Fabric Added this year: 6.375 yards
Fabric used this year: 23.25 yards
Fabric Busted Total: 16.875 yards

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quiltathon Post# 2

Wow this has been a great sewing weekend. I Finished the top from my workshop that I took yesterday. That's the first photo. I finished some pinwheel block for a block of the month I'm working on. The pieces will be put in a center block like the third picture. This is a Block of the Month from Painted Pony Quilt Shop called Mystic River. This is really out of the box for me fabric wise. It has a lot of brights & Kaffe Fassett like fabrics. I can't what till I have all the block. The last photo is Fire Escape by Terry Atkinson. I'm using some Amy Butler fabrics that I've had for sometime. I think that's it, wow that's a lot. I should have Fire Escape done this week, so I can have another finish. Until next time.

Stash Report Week # 3

Well another week down. I'm three weeks in a bought some fabric. I have a jelly roll of the Rouenneries by French General and have finally found the right pattern. I had to get some background and border fabric. I could have bought more, but this year I'm trying to use more of my stash. So 3.675 yards came home. I also took a workshop this week and learned lots of new tips to use in my quilting. I don't get to take to many because I work full time. When our guild has speakers that come on Saturdays I try to take them. I've made a lot of small things to put in quilts, but nothing finished to the point to call it done. I'm of to the machine to finish something this weekend for the quiltaton Judy has going. Until next time.

Fabric used this week: 0 yards
Fabric Added this week: 3.675 yards
Fabric Added this year: 3.675 yards
Fabric used this year: 7.5 yards
Fabric Busted Total: 3.825 yards

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quiltathon Post 1

This week was our Quilt Guild meeting and our speaker was Pam Buda from Heartspun Quilts. She did a great job on the lecture. We also had her come and do a workshop, we don't have to many on Saturdays. So today was the workshop. We learned alot of quick tips & techniques. This was a great class. Pam is real good and has alot of good ideas. So I sewed all day and only have a few bags. After I'm done here I'm of to the sewing machine to get more done. I also had a late night quilter last night and got a few pinwheel blocks done for a Block of the month I'm doing. I will have a few more pictures for tomorrows post. Until next time

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Week #2

Well this week went by fast. I only got a little sewing done this week. I did cut out a quilt so that's something I can work on this week. I really wanted to sew today however we got a new TV for Christmas and decided it was time to put it up. I thought for sure it would only take an hour at the most. It turned into an all afternoon project. There went the sewing time. I have to say that going from a 27" TV to a 42" TV is quite a difference. Why we didn't do it soon is beyond me. I think it was because we had a TV that worked and was just fine. Well back to the stash report. Nothing in and nothing out so that's also good. Until next time

Fabric used this week: 0 yards
Fabric Added this week: 0 yards
Fabric Added this year: 0 yards
Fabric used this year: 7.5 yards
Fabric Busted Total: 7.5 yards

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, New Goals Week 1

It's been some time since my last post. I've not been slowing down but just haven't posted. First off I've been able to sew something the last three days. It's nice to have a long weekend, but back to regular schedule this week. I have finished two qults for Christmas and didn't take a picture of one of them. I've decided that this year will be a year of focus. Last year was a very hard year for myself and brought only a few good things. However this is not 2009 and this will be a good year. I can just tell already. Back to sewing I've got to get focased so that I can get some quilts done for our guilds quilt show. That event is in September, I have set a goal to get 15 quilts done and bust out some of my stash. I would love to get 200 yards busted. I'm setting high in hopes that I will make a push at the end. I don't have any idea why but I do work well under pressure. I have managed to get a quilt top done over the last few days. So that's a plus already. I also hope that I will post updates more often. So to start the year I've used 7.5 yards of fabric. Until next time

Fabric used this week: 7.5 yards
Fabric Added this week: 0 yards
Fabric Added this year: 0 yards
Fabric used this year: 7.5 yards
Fabric Busted Total: 7.5 yards