Saturday, February 13, 2010

Stash Report Week # 6 & 7

Sorry but I wasn't around to do the stash report last week. So this week will cover both weeks. Well first the good news or should I start out with the bad. I think the bad will go first and end on the good. This week I bought 15 yards of fabric. I have been waiting for the "Gone With the Wind" fabric to come in and sure enough it did. I bought enough to make a quilt and the backing when the shop that I go to has buy 2 yards get the 3 yard free. I had to buy something. I know that everyone else would have done the same thing. With that said 15 yards came home with me. I got the backing fabric for free. Free fabric is a girls dream. So below is the fabric for the backing I just love it.

I've already got some of the the other fabric cut out and I'm piecing it together. I should have the quilt done this week.

Now for the good news I managed to finish a few tops the last few weeks. I was so glad to get more things done. So here are a few pictures. The first one is my logged on quilt I had this done a few weeks back but didn't take a picture.

Same for my Fire Escape quilt that I finished in the last quiltathon.

Next up is Savanna By Bonnie Blue Quilts. This was made with the Harper's Fairy Fabrics.

These next two pictures are from a class I took last year at the Quilt Festival in Chicago. I finally put the borders on. I really like these blocks alot and thing I have to make another quilt.

Next up is "Freeze Frame". I call it Flipped Out because of the flip flop fabric I used. I just love how it turned out. Thanks Judy. Yes all this came from my stash.

Last one is a block of the month that I made for our guild. I have the ladies doing these each month. I just picked some fabrics from my stash and started to sew a few blocks together. I need to give them the yardage so I come up with the center block and built around it. I've always wanted to do a medallion style quilt. I've not showed them the finish quilt, it's still a mystery to them.

With all that I'm finally finished. This was a long post, sorry about that. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Until next time.
Fabric used this week: 26 Yards
Fabric bought this week: 15 yards
Fabric added this year: 21.375
Fabric busted total: 21.5


the writer said...

Great pictures! I love posts with pictures, so don't apologize.

I'm impressed that you purchase & cut fabric immediately. Guess I should try to be more plan oriented when I purchase fabric.

Have a great week.

Scrappy-Quilter said...

wonderful quilts! love the pictures you shared.

Quiltsmiles said...

Nice quilts. You really are producing many so far this week, I'm impressed. great work! Jane

Amy said...

Your quilts are beautiful! I fell off the wagon too and for the same reason. Oh well, more sewing for us. LOL

Penny said...

So many finishes. I love all the quilts. I am glad you posted pictures. If you use what you bought it doesn't add to the stash. You go girl.