Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A New Post

Sorry for such a long pause. The Guild that I'm in recently had our every other year quilt show. I was also in charge of our Silent Auction, boy this was alot of work. Our show was a great success, we have 143 members in our Guild and 103 of us put items in the show. This by far was our biggest and best show. We had over 520 quilts in our show. We'll I thought I would share the quilts that I was able to get done and quilted for our show. I put 12 quilts in this time. I think I had all the tops done by the end of August and had only two of of the quilts completely done (quilted, bond, quilt label, & a hanging sleeve on the back). Everything else I quilted & bond until the 25th of September. Did I mention that we also went on a trip to Florida for 5 days. Here are a few photos to look at. I also have decided that I'm going to start making smaller quilts. Tomorrow night is our Guild meeting to let us know who will receive a ribbon. I was called and my In Santa's Workshop got at least third place ( picture in an older post). I will post to let everyone know for sure. I also received a vendors choice. TaTa for now. Take care PeeWee