Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Houston here I come

Well my bags are packed and tickets printed. Tomorrow morning I'm off to Quilt Festival for four days. It's a good thing I've got a few this done to bring my stash totals up, because things will be coming home with me. I've had such a bad few months that this is a welcomed brake. I get to go with some friends, see quilts, take a class or two, & buy fabric. What more could a girl ask for? Oh, yes the best husband in the world. He has been my rock for the past few months and has gotten me threw a rough patch. So a big thank you to him. Back back to a happier moment Houston. I'm hoping to take a few pictures to post when I get back. Until next time.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Blogger's Quilt Festival

I was looking at blogs and found this great thing called Blogger's Quilt Festival (hosted by Amy over at Park City Girl). You get to pick your favorite quilt and talk about it. How fun is that to get to talk about your work. I picked my quilt called Summer Mosaic, this is one of my favorite quilts I've made over the years. I made this quilt in the summer of 2004, this was also the year my job was downsized and I was on good old unemployment. I how ever referred to it as my sabbatical. While on this break I found the fabric at my local quilt shop. It was a new line that had just come into the shop. The minute I saw the fabric I thought about a book I had bought two years before. I came home and started to look for the book, why is it everytime you need to find something you never can. After spending the afternoon looking I found the book called mosaic memories. I got to the shop the next morning and pick the fabric. I had decided that I was going to make the five color quilt and as luck would have it they had gotten the whole like with five colors. So fabric was bought might I say alot for three of the colors you needed 8 fabrics and for the other two you needed six fabrics. If your counting that's 36 plus the chain fabric or background. So 37 colors in total, I got in the car and was driving home and thought goodness I have to do alot of cutting. I then thought I have all day. For the next two weeks I sewed day and night to get this quilt done and quilted.
I loved it so much, that year our guild had it's quilt show (we have the show every other year). I put the quilt in the large bed quilt category. I was so proud of this quilt and how it keep me busy for those two weeks. On the first day of the show I saw that one of our vendors had picked it for vendors choice. I was thrilled because that meant someone other than my family like the quilt. Every chance I had I would look at the quilt hanging in the show. I also heard people talking about it. It made me smile with pride. A few weeks later one of the ladies in our guild called and asked me to bring my quilt to the next quilt meeting. I thought this means I won a ribbon. I was so happy because if you got a call to bring a quilt to the next meeting you won a ribbon. I was thrilled that I would get third place. So at the meeting we give our quilt to some one and they take it off and put a numbered card on it. At the meeting they pass out the awards by category. Mine was that last so first up was third place and my name wasn't call. I thought OK this means I got second place. So next was someone else's name for second place. I think I went into shock, does this mean what I thought it meant, that I won first place in the large bed quilt category. Sure did, I won first place. So that's the story behind this quilt. So this is so long. I hope everyone enjoys the picture.