Monday, November 3, 2008

Stashbusting in 2009

Judy Laquidara over at patchwork times is doing the stashbusting again in 2009. I've made it my mission to bust some of this stash that I have. I want to really attack the kits that I've got stacked up. I also have alot of fabric that needs to be able to fit in the nice baskets that I have in my sewing room(or should I say rooms). My goal is to be able to have everything in one area, at the present time I'm sewing in a spare room up stairs and also have a sewing area in the basement. I have a great set-up, back a few years ago my husband put those really nice wire baskets in a row of 4 and put a nice board on top so that I could pick out project to sort and go threw. I have managed to fill the top with fabric and the baskets could explode at any moment. That's 20 baskets full each row has five baskets. I also have shorter wire baskets with four in it, the top has a shorter basket, but still there are at least 12 more there. I would like everything to fit in those bins. Oh to dream, I will say all this now but I know for a fact that I will continue to buy more fabric. I will give it a shot at least. I would love to bust threw 100 yards. TaTa for now. Take care PeeWee