Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tree Skirt

Well here's the quilt top of the tree shirt from "Six Half Make A Whole Christmas". I think it turned out OK. Maybe I'll do some Quilting over the weekend. This was pretty easy to put together the direction were very good. The girls from the quilt branch have good directions to follow. They are really wonderful people. This past year I was Program Chair person for our guild and the ladies from The Quilt Branch came and did a Lecture/Workshop. Their patterns take you step by step which if your a beginner are great. We'll I keep it short tonight. TaTa for now. PeeWee see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


No photo today, because my sewing area is a disaster area. Our guilds quilt show is at the end of September and I am in charge of the silent auction. I've had members brings me things over the last few months for me to put some baskets together with patterns and notions. So last night sometime after 9:00 PM(as my husband would say"my crazy time")I went down stairs to look over some of the things. I noticed I had three good size boxes (that are only about 24"h x 18"w x 36" l) that I've not touched since we moved in our house over 5 years ago. I've come to the conclusion that if I never bought one more quilt related item, I would still be able to make quilts till I die. So lets just say that the silent auction will have a lot more items donated thanks to the brown boxes. To think this wasn't even the stuff I was going to look thru to purge. I have 4 rubber maid containers with that stuff in it. Hopefully by the time I get threw everything I will have a well organized quilt area. To only dream!!!! TaTa for now. PeeWee hope your trip is going well, see you soon.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Project

Sorry for not posting in the last few days. We were having trouble with our modem. Today was Second Saturday at the Quilt Shop(something else that I do is help at a local shop) and while I was there I had to buy something. I've been looking for the new book by The Quilt Branch and they just happened to have the book. So I bought some fabric to make the tree skirt and cut the fabric out tonight. I've got so many other things I need to do, but instead I do this. I think I'll work on this tomorrow and I post my progress. PeeWee have a nice night. TaTa for now.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My First Quilt

I thought tonight I would give everyone some background information. Just after my husband and I got married I wanted a sewing machine. We went and got a small machine I think it was a Brother. I started making little things like placemats and basket garters. By that following January we had a quilt/sewing shop open in town. So I thought why not learn to quilt. I always liked quilts and how they looked. So I signed up and started my first quilt class in January 1998, it was real basic we learned to make 9-patch blocks, half square tri-angles and something else but I'm not sure what it was. This was a four week class, in class the second week the teacher said that they were going to have a "LATE NIGHT QUILTER". I thought this would be neat to do, so I asked if I could sign-up. I was told that it was not a difficult pattern and should be able to do the project. I bought fabric and I was hooked, the photo above is my first quilt. I was able to finish the top that night. I couldn't believe that I had made this and in one night. That was it from that point on I would go to every class I could and every late night quilter. Pretty soon I was making a quilt every few weeks and have been doing this for over 10 years. Boy time does fly when your having fun. I also got a Viking Rose for my First Anniversary. I think I've talked everyones ears off, so TATA for now. P.S- PeeWee if your looking at the post have a great night in what every city you may be in.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Those crazy dancing ladies

This was a quilt kit that I found at the Houston Quilt Festival in 2007. This was one of those quilts that caught my eye. This was not a quilt style I would have normally picked,but in the end I enjoyed making it. This funky fabric montage is referred to as the "dancing ladies" quilt. I used a variegated thread, and a all over stipple pattern for the quilting portion of this quilt. I like to quilt all my own quilts myself on my short arm Ken Quilt 622, it is a oldy but a goody. TaTa for now.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Pattern for In Santa's Workshop

I've had someone ask where I got the pattern. Here is the website The pattern title is also In Santa's Workshop. Let me know if there are any other questions.

In Santa's Workshop Quilt

This was a class that I took at a Quilt Shop. We learned to us fabric marker & crayons. This was my first attempt at shading. This quilt was done over in about 7 months. I really enjoyed all the different elements. All the fabric in the faces are the same color, just required shading or coloring to make it different colors. This was also the first time a did a machine applique quilt, then I decided to do the circle quilt below. I think I'll be putting this in our guild quilt show in September.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Few more

Here are a few more pictures. The quilting was more of a abstract per request of my co-worker. I have a short arm quilting machine and most of the quilting was done on that machine. I think the quilt turned out quit well. I always fear that if you make a quilt for someone they won't like it when it's done.

Quilt I just finished

I've been working on this since mid-February. This is not actually my quilt I made this for a co-worker. This was a quilt that had started out in an issue of McCall's Quilting. It was pictured as a throw the was 46 1/2 x 66 1/2. The quilt I did was 90x108. I graphed the quilt to make it larger. There are 12", 9", 6" and 3" Blocks. All the large blocks have a smaller circle in the block that I Machine Appliqued. Most 95 % of the small blocks also have smaller circles in them as well. This was also my first attempet at making a Duvet Cover. I think all turned out good.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

New To Blogging

I've finally decided it was time to start Blogging!! Here goes I've been Quilting for just over 10 years. I love to look at everyone's works of art and thought I should try doing this. I'm in the process of working on quilts for our up coming guild quilt show in September. So maybe in the next day or so I'll put some of the photo's up for all to see. Take care for know