Tuesday, July 15, 2008


No photo today, because my sewing area is a disaster area. Our guilds quilt show is at the end of September and I am in charge of the silent auction. I've had members brings me things over the last few months for me to put some baskets together with patterns and notions. So last night sometime after 9:00 PM(as my husband would say"my crazy time")I went down stairs to look over some of the things. I noticed I had three good size boxes (that are only about 24"h x 18"w x 36" l) that I've not touched since we moved in our house over 5 years ago. I've come to the conclusion that if I never bought one more quilt related item, I would still be able to make quilts till I die. So lets just say that the silent auction will have a lot more items donated thanks to the brown boxes. To think this wasn't even the stuff I was going to look thru to purge. I have 4 rubber maid containers with that stuff in it. Hopefully by the time I get threw everything I will have a well organized quilt area. To only dream!!!! TaTa for now. PeeWee hope your trip is going well, see you soon.

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