Friday, May 14, 2010

A new found focus.... & Stash Report

I'm sure that I'm not the only one the has lost focus. The only thing is that it's not just quilting. These last few months I've found that I'm just not feeling anything. I truly believe that this is all from what happened to me last August. All is well today, I went threw something that has and will change my out look on life now and forever. I've done the self reflecting and have found my way back. While on the journey of self discovery. I fell of the wagon and bought some fabric. It always gives makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. My last count for my two and a half months of soul searching brought in a whopping 116.5 yards of fabric. This would include but not limited to fabric buy the yard, jelly rolls, fat quarter bundles, charm packs, layer cakes, & backing fabrics. I also bought a few kits at Quilt Festival in Chicago, last year for that and it was so close to my house, so bye bye Chi Town hello Cincinnati. Back to the focus, see how I stray it's so hard to stay focused. I need to stay on track because our guilds quilt show is in September and I always try to make a quilt that I could win a ribbon with. I've been able to win a ribbon at the last 4 quilt shows for our guild. I have 4 quilts done, but none of them say "I would look good with a ribbon pinned to me". So it's time to get focus on the quilt show. For the next few months I'm going to try to keep everyone up to date on the progress. I'm making my list and things are going to start rolling. I sure hope it won't be my head, because of all the things going on in there. So tonight's the night for it to start lists will be made, stacks will be sorted and the machine will be cleaned and ready to go. Sorry this has gotten so long.

So as far as the stash report goes I'm in the red by 70.5 yards. I think it's time to get that number back to the black, so off I go. Tata for now

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Linda and Piwacket said...

I can understand everything you're talking about. These spiritual journeys are really important even though they can bring up some things we'd rather not deal with. I didn't even report my stash last year because that's when my husband decided to leave me. The fabric shop expeditions and acquisitions became a way of coping. A year later I'm in a very different place and now have a great stash from which to shop!