Friday, December 12, 2008

Busy Time of Year

Boy!! This sure is the busy time of year. It seems like the year just started and the end is near. In the past few weeks I've managed to try to move all my quilting items down to the basement. My husband said to me a few months ago-- " I would like to have one room in the House".
I said --" You do have a room in the house"
Husband -- "No, I would like to have a room that doesn't have your quilting stuff in it"(Quilting stuff)
I---- " I don't have quilting stuff in every room"
Husband--- " I think YOUR wrong" (That made me think before saying anything else)
I--- " I don't have anything in the bathroom"

After that conversation I figured it was time to move things from each room down to the really nice quilting area I have in the basement. I have nice baskets, a sewing table for two machines, a flannel board, cutting mat & a peg board. What more could a girl ask for. I've had some time to go threw my stash and pass off the fabric that I knew I would never use. I've brought over 5 nice size boxes to the girls at work to look over. I've managed to get two co-workers in to the Quilt World. So the least I could do is give them some fabric to start their own stash. I'm sure at some point I will asked them to bring the fabric I gave them back.( that's so wrong, but so true) I've also managed to get down to only having a sewing machine upstairs. I don't count the magazines that I have by the bed, or in the living room, because I have to have something to look at.

I've also told my self that this next year is going to be the year of the "QUILT KIT BUST". I've got a list so long of the quilt kits, it's truly something that I want to get BUSTED. I would like to finish a project a month. I tell my self after our guild quilt show that we have every two years. I will not go into overdrive two months before for the show to get everything done. I seem to do the same thing each time, but this year will be different. I want to get a least 3 quilts for the show done this next year. Enough of what I want to get done for next year, when I have so much to do this year.

I still have Christmas shopping to do. I've only got two people on my list done. We're hosting Christmas at our House for my husbands family. I still need to put up a tree, so that I don't totally bum my nephew out. Christmas isn't my favorite time of the year. I'm more of a fall late winter person. I like snowmen so I have those things out, but the tree just does seem to want to come out this year. Last year when the tree was up our younger dog Sophie liked to look at it when the tree had the lights on. We had one of those ornaments that when you would touch it it would turn the tree on. A couple of mornings I would get up and the tree was on. Each night I would ask my husband "did you turn the tree on this morning?" he would say" no". One morning I was putting my shoes on and Sophie jumped up on the couch and poked her nose on the ornament that turned the tree on. She than looked over at me as to say "I'm the one turning the tree on to look at." I told my husband that night and sure enough she did it again, so I think Sophie watched which one we would touch and figured out how to turn the tree on. She is a very smart dog, I sometimes think that if she could talk we would be in real trouble. Well I think this post is long enough at this point. TaTa for know.

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